Welcome back, My subjects. Have you missed Me? I’ve missed you, too. What a terrible time we’ve had this year during this dreadful Pandemic. I hope you are taking good care of yourself, staying healthy and safe. But now things are looking up for you, My darling as I ready to resume My responsibilities of taking charge of My minions. 
My Darling, I know how much you need your Lady during these trying times. We are going to make up for lost time. I have an ULTIMATE OBEDIENCE 5 Day Assignment for you. As My servant, you live in strict Obedience to My control, the source of all your pleasure. you love to please Me with your obedience and do everything I tell you to do. This assignment will test and satisfy your need for Control, Sacrifice and Obedience. And for that I give you the ULTIMATE PLEASURE with My strict cock control. 
When you have successfully completed your assignment for Me, as part of this  Assignment Package, I offer you My New RECORDING as your Ultimate Reward. There are file sessions for each day for you to listen to. If you do not have any of the sessions and can pay through PayPal, email Me and I will reduce the price for you and send you the sessions directly.
Surrender yourself to Me and download this ASSIGNMENT, now. Obedience is pleasure. Email Me after completion of your Assignment to request your Release file. 
Only after you have completed this assignment, In case you missed My last “Release”, BODY WORSHIP, enjoy your second reward.https://helenashypnochamber.com/product/body-worship/ 
Are you needing Talk live to spend time with Me and or maybe some punishment? Hehehe https://helenashypnochamber.com/product-category/lady-helena/talk-live/