Special Training

These Assignments and special Training or Control Files are to become part of your daily training to help you EARN a Mistress-slave relationship with Me. They are intended for serious slaves and newcomers needing My control and Domination. you will learn the pleasure of complete submission and obedience to LADY HELENA with these opportunities to serve and please ME. I will determine if you are worthy of My attention and continued training by how successful you are in completing your assignments and learn how to please Mistress better. I will test your limits with hard, highly erotic stimulations requiring your commitment to obeying All my commands.

Another expectation I have, if you are to be My slave boy, is that you value My time and attention and are ALWAYS eager to prove your commitment and appreciation with gifts and tributes. These assignments will train you to serve My needs and to learn that your pleasure comes when you please Me with your obedience, submission AND financial support. I will teach you to yearn to surrender your mind, body and orgasms to My total control.

These ongoing assignments will keep Me at the center of your life and satisfy your growing addiction to pleasing ME and making Me happy with you. your obsession with Me will grow and become satisfied when obeying My commands in O/our private phone conversations. Then you will become My owned slave and property. you will live your life to be My little slave boy, weak with your need to obey, worship and serve your Dominatrix, Lady Helena.

Note: Many of these assignments may require one of My files to listen to, a collar (improvise until you have MY collar), a pair of My panties, a butt plug and other tools of the trade.