Wicked Whack




Wicked Whack (87 Minutes)

Have you Ever fantasized about being a sex slave? What if I told you playing my Wicked Whack game would greatly assist you in becoming what every Woman desires in a sex slave? Would it motivate you, if I told you might be able to c#m? Think twice before answering My little sex toy, as there just might be penalties for losing hehehe….not to mention the odds of you winning May be limited, However I will be guiding you All the way and you KNOW that I want you to win…. or do I?

Tell me, do you yearn to be a sex slave to Dominant Woman? Have you fantasized about Dominant Women using you for her pleasure, as she rides your hard c#ck, up and DOWN…up and DOWN. As you lay on your back, collared, strapped and helpless on your Lady’s bed. Her rhythmic motions, naked body, and tight pussy milking your sex dry, as you fall deeper and deeper into the ultimate sub space. All the while driving your horny enslaved c#ck to the edge of ecstasy.

In all honestly there are very few ways that My darling servant will feel this Pleasure From Me,  the reality is the only way you will ever feel the inside of a Dominant’s p#ssy is by demonstrating skills and stamina of a true sex slave. My Wicked Whack erotic game will teach you just that my darling servant . It will take practice and I can almost guarantee you will need several attempts (which includes a penalty) to ultimately succeed. This shared if you ever wish to feel the inside of My Dominant p#ssy you will need such stamina and control that will be taught in this file.

My slave, if you think you are worthy of be c#mming a sex slave for a dominant then find a private place, get naked, lay down and put on your earphones. The game can take up to 90+ minutes play and is not for the faint of heart and results in what can only be described as torturous pleasure.And you Will LOVE EVERY MINUTE, that is Every Moment that you can last…. hehehehehe

Note: I strongly recommend you ensure your beta cock is lubed along with a towel.