The Hand Maiden


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Explore what it will be like to have your mind yield to my power and sexuality. Feel the pleasure of obedience while becoming my sub. Explore the ecstasy of sucking on my breasts as they slowly entrance you into the beast you are. Accept my rule over you and your c#ck. Experience what it would be like to have me take you so deep into my world of saucy naughtiness, As I build your addiction for me while dominating your mind.

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Description (37 Minutes):

Lady Helena has prepared a special TREAT for you, inside the stone walls of her beautiful castle. This session will SURPRISE you. A most HYPNOTIC story that will carry you on an amazing journey of fantasy and TRANCE-formation. A Tranceformation into what every your Lady Helena wants…a Handmaiden. SEXY and submissive as a servant to your Lady.

We have no secrets, so slip into something sexy and let Me take you where you would not go alone.

This file is a sexy femme file…although I think it is perfect for anyone who wants to lose all control and EXPERIENCE this incredible adventure of TRANCE-FORMATION. Open your mind and let’s share something out of the ordinary.

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1 review for The Hand Maiden

  1. Benji270568

    This File will make you lose all control, you will be so aroused and helpless for Lady Helena, so confused about what´s going on, but at the end everything will be clear to you, you want and will be her Hand Maiden, she simply and easily has enslaved you and there is nothing you can do about it, this File may be tagged with Sissification, but really this File is for everyone, i for myself aren´t into Sissification and i still enjoyed this File ^-^

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