Syringe – Room Four – My Chamber




Syringe (65 Minutes)

Deep in the DARKNESS, In room 4 of my Chamber, you will find yourself naked and helpless on my cold hard steel medical inspection table, your enlarged cock leaking while I enslave and torment your helpless mind beyond your wildest dreams. Lay back my slave, give in to your latex covered Goddess, Lady Helena, as my erotic and powerful hypno-drugs take over. My dark words pierce your feeble defenses while I ravage you mercilessly.

I should warn you, this Syringe-Hypno file is NOT intended for the faint of heart. Repetitive listening of this file could be DANGEROUS and will cause an unbreakable addiction to living as a submissive for the rest of your existence including sexual, mental and physical enslavement to me.

Know that my hypno-syringe will be cum your drug of choice, with NO CURE. Your addiction, submission and craving for erotic control will be met with an over 60 minute hypno-fix you won’t soon forget. Accept my syringes of change and allow your sexy blonde, dominatrix to take you deep into the abyss of my chamber of enslavement.

Note: The Chamber series rooms can be listened in any order, although recommend you first listen to the introduction file, as it sets the foundation for all the chamber rooms. In addition for best results of this advanced nature of this file, I would suggest you listen to one or more of my foundational training (e.g. Helena’s Time).