Stroke of Enslavement




Stroke Of Enslavement (34 Minutes)
It’s interesting how many words there are for male reproductive fluid beyond medical terms (i.e. ejaculate and sperm), a quick search results in words such as cum, jissom, jism, jizz, nut juice, seed, spurt, spunk, splooge, spooze, load, and many more. Hehehe, purely based on the number of words one could easily conclude that our society is obsessed with male spunk.
In Stroke of Enslavement your Lady will leave you covered in your Nut Juice, spent and subjugated. As you experience this hypnotic Jack off Instruction (JOI)) session you will want do it OVER and OVER AGAIN.This powerful FEMDOM JOI experience will drain your HORNY head of all its Jizz and will power. Be warned my slave the more you CUM the DEEPER you will FALL under my control, ultimately giving your Lady complete control.
After I have emptied your male head, My HORNY servant, I will implant a powerful trigger that I will use in future files and live interactions at my choosing. Due to the nature of the trigger, it will take repeated listens (lucky you) in order to achieve its full potential. Although given time you will learn to CUM on my command like a good obedient subject. For those who are extremely receptive to my hypnotic control, it will result in you having a Hands Free Orgasm (whenever or wherever I choose). I suspect the thought of Me having such control, arouses you doesn’t? hehehehe
My HORNY subject, accept your place, get naked and listen to your Hypnodomme’s Stroke of Enslavement, now.
IMPORTANT: Be warned this is very powerful hypnotic femdom training file which will may subvert your submissive sexual tendencies and prospectively result in irrevocable changes. Listen at your own risk My darling!