Sleeper Agent




Sleeper Agent (52 Minutes)

Welcome my darling subject to a whole new level of Submission and Surrender to your most devious and decadent Dominatrix, Lady Helena, purveyor of hypnotic eroticism, and Queen to those that crave suffering for my pleasure. I know I instill both fear and intrigue in your enfeebled mind but I also know that deep down there is a naked little slave pleading Me to set it free, free to submit and serve My every desire with a mindless dedication and devotion that transcends any thought of self. Hehehe

And how do I know this my darling? Because I know how weak your submissive mind is and that, despite your desperate need to be my humble subjugated servant, your attempts to surrender either lose focus or fail to meet the exacting expectations befitting a Dominant Alpha Female like myself. I know you try HARD to be self-effacing, revering me as your rightful Lady and Commander, but I also know you can do better, MUCH BETTER, and that’s why you are reading this description.

With this MANDATORY training I am going to help your unconscious mind embrace complete Submission to Me, the one you respect and adore, and in doing so unlock your potential for total mental enslavement. To reach this new level of dedication requires absolute trust and intense focus from you. With your cooperation, and the use of some unethical and manipulative hypnosis techniques, I will subdue your mind into becoming an agent to my will, a SLEEPER AGENT, so to speak.

With repetitive listening of this file, you will be primed to do my bidding whenever I wish it and, most defiantly, you may never be consciously aware of it. I know that sound HOT, really HOT, but there will be **NO** cumming without my expressed permission or you will PAY for the consequences My darling (my cum tax). You need to be remember that you are here to serve ME, blindly without thought or question, and your pleasure is derived from sating MY every erotic fantasy and wicked desire… (Hmmm)

But be warned my darling, this indoctrination process may be irreversible. Hehehehe By listening to this file you are acknowledging that you willingly hand over the keys to your mind to My sweet, smooth, dark, deviant control, allowing me to mercilessly exert my irrepressible authority over every aspect of your life. You have been warned My darling subject!