Hypnotic Sex Toy – Room Three – My Chamber


Be cum my sex toy, sex doll, my dildo, as my mindless slave boy satisfies your yearning to be inside your Lady as she uses your hard, erect toy for her pleasure. Accept your place, in my room three of my Chamber as Lady Helena continues your education and transforms you into her personal sex doll.



Sex Toy Description (37 Minutes):

In room THREE of My Chamber, your Lady uses her sultry voice and trains you to be cum her sex toy. As your dominatrix continues your education and transformation to a good slave. Having you fall DEEP under my control, as I use you for my pleasure.

Imagine, my submissive toy, visiting my bedroom DEEP within my Chamber. Your Lady knows how much you crave to please and pleasure me. How much pleasing me means to you. How you yearn to have the chance to be as a slave to me. How long will you withstand my vivid images created by my sexy sultry voice as you submit to the dominant Mistress of your dreams. As you fall deeper and deeper under my control with every teasing word, every teasing desire I implant in your fertile enslaved mind as you become more submissive, more compliant.

My excited toy, heed my warning, continued listening to this powerful conditioning file will ultimately give me control over your sex. In order to maximize your submission and pleasure you should have successfully listened to My Chamber Introduction and Room Two. Once you have fully absorbed the training then proceed and listen to My Chamber- Sex Toy.