Queen of Vampires




My subject, have you ever wished to escape and getaway? In Queen of Vampires, we will travel to a remote castle high up in the mountains of Western Europe. Lacking language skills, you befriend a beautiful blonde busty Mistress of the castle. She is friendly, a little exotic and mesmerizing to your eyes, causing you sexual cravings you cannot ignore.
Give in my subject and be prepared to experience a power erotic Hypno experience you won’t wish to miss as we explore your deepest desires and cravings. This file provides 40 minutes of an erotic femdom experience that few will ever escape. Be warned, although this session is cloaked within a mesmerizing story, you will slip deeper under my control. I’ll take you like never before.

Cum my subject and let me suck your will, your thoughts from your defenseless submissive mind and body.  Listen to Queen of Vampires and take your place naked, mindless and drained at my feet.  Naughty and a perfectly WICKED seduction.