Pain is Pleasure




Pain is Pleasure (22 Minutes)
This is not for the faint of heart my submissive subjects, yet if I find BDSM erotic and exciting then it just might be. hehehehe….  In my Pain is Pleasure we will explore Sadism and Masochism (S&M), the practice of using pain as a sexual stimulant. My subjects did you know that Pain is Pleasure? As a soon to be little enslaved masochist you will cum to enjoy my nipple torture, spankings, whippings, Cock and Ball Torture (CBT), and many other things we can explore.
This will be a mind blowing experience which you can’t miss. We will explore how physical pleasure and pain are related, while conditioning your definition of orgasmic pleasure to cum from receiving pain from your Lady and Dominatrix. Do NOT worry my subject I won’t fuck you up too much…hehehe. Although given time warn you, this will transform you into somewhat of a masochist. As I morph my form of femdom torture into sexual pleasure like you have never felt. Don’t be fooled my intention is to turn on and we can go from here.. hehehe.. you Do not have to be a masochist… But you May find you enjoy it My darling.
So get naked and get PREPARED to experience a life changing experience. Know that the more you listen and cum to Me, the more you will accept your destiny and cravings. Now my subject, it is time to acquire this powerful conditioning file and learn that “Pain is Pleasure”.
REQUIRED PREPARATION: You must have at least 2 good size Elastics bands, butt plug and nipple clamps or clothes pins. In time consider upsizing your butt plug (start small and gradually increase as we stretch you – always Safe Sane and Consensual)
I am so excited to Play My darling servant!