Mental Massage




Mental Massage (46 Minutes)
Welcome My darling servant to My emporium of relaxation and mental rehabilitation, a place to escape from the rigors of your day and where My soothing velvety voice will give you a mental massage unlike anything you have experienced before.  I offer My weary submissive subjects a magical experience that is guaranteed to expel tension, worry and frustration, and in return reinvigorates your desire to blissfully surrender to My seductive words and continue your inescapable journey into erotic submission.
I know this may appear like a departure from My more assertive style of domination and control but your Lady knows **many** ways to subjugate a submissive mind.  In this session My projection of authority may appear to be subtle at first but be under no illusion, like putty in My hands, I will kneed and stretch your mind until you are unable and unwilling to resist taking a mental vacation.  Once you are in this ripe and receptive state you are perfectly primed for further conditioning, and I will use this opportunity to erotically stimulate all of your senses, reaffirming those STRONG, HARD, RIGID beliefs in submission to your Lady and Commander. HeHeHe
So, My horny sleepy servant, prepare to experience a whole new level of surrender as I lure your open and suggestible mind into a slumber so deep, and so relaxing, by the time you awake from this 45 minutes of Mindlessness you will be completely re-energized and refreshed, with an insatiable craving to obey all of My erotic commands, succumbing inexorably to my powerful authority, control and dominion of the submissive you.