Lose your mind




Lose your mind (55 Minutes)
My horny subject, be prepared to Lose your Mind while listening to this powerful enslaving experience, as your Dominatrix delivers a mind blowing experience in my hypno-erotic world of delight, pleasure and submission. Visualize My sexy naked body, mouthwatering voluptuous breasts, my hard erect nipples, my tight sweet box, as I use your lips, tongue and mouth for my pleasure.

Fall deep, as I teach you how to please me.  Fall HARD under My irresistible control. We will share one of the most erotic and intimate experiences, one that you will Never forget. Almost beyond belief.

This most HYPNOTIC, MIND BLOWING file is truly one you will want to listen to again and again. Each minute increasing in eroticism and mind sucking pleasure as you fall further and further out of reach. Give in and accept your future as My mindless obsessed sex puppet. Feel the addiction and craving like never before as My honey laced tongue drives you over the edge.

My helpless pet, give in to your lust and need to let me take you, as there will be no return after  I take hold.
My HORNY and HELPLESS servant, ensure you are naked, lubed and collared (maybe have a towel too… hahaha) before listening to this 55+ minute EXPLOSIVE FEMDOM masterpiece. This is one erotic delight that you will not want to miss.  For Once it will be all about what you want My darling… hehehe.