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Helena Time


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Helena Time (32 Minutes):


My darling subject, you come to Me with a deep personal need to discover more of who you are and why you feel the way you do about assertive, dominant and forceful women like Myself.  I am a Dominatrix and I have the ability to make all your fetish dreams into a reality, but I can also offer you so much more!  You see I am really your guide and mentor on an erotic journey of self discovery where you learn to accept what I tell you and relinquish all control and responsibility to Me.  Through this power exchange I can mold and teach you more about the submissive you, which is more than just the suspension of disbelief and mere role play, it can become a profoundly life changing experience as I provide a positive influence for your inner submissive, freeing you from the bonds of expectation and social norms.


For such an experience to occur a very special relationship must develop between us. The Dominant and submissive, of which trust, honesty and loyalty are the key, I will teach you.  Rest assured My darling slave that as your Dominant partner I will always have your best interests at heart my sweet toy. In order for Me to effectively guide you, and teach you the many pleasures of submission and obedience, you must be open and willing to trust Me in all things.  The more we trust each other the stronger our pact will become and the more we will push each other to further your self discovery.


Thankfully I have a powerful tool to help us on with your journey into submission and this is hypnosis.  Hypnosis is a combination of relaxation and focused attention that increases the capacity of the listener to respond to positive suggestions.  In the hands of a skilled erotic hypnotist like Myself it can be used to establish and nurture trust, enhancing your submissive tendencies over time.  This fundamentally relies on your trust in Me and once established it can be an extremely effective and discrete tool to train you.  With dedication and repeated listens hypnosis will open your mind to other possibilities under My close supervision.


So trust Me and enter My world where you can relax, give up responsibility, and learn to follow and obey My suggestions in a way that will be both positive and beneficial for the submissive you.  You will quickly learn to love and appreciate your time with Me, your Lady Helena.

2 reviews for Helena Time

  1. Toni

    When i try to remember details of this session my mind comes up empty. But I remember that it was about building trust between me and my Lady. Relaxing and trusting my Lady to lead. I would just listen and follow my Lady. In that sense this might also be a good file for beginners to get started.

  2. jason19052017 (verified owner)

    I cannot remember much of what happened to me during this session, but I feel so relaxed and open. i feel so happy and relaxed and completely open to my Lady Helena and know that i can trust Her completely, that I do not need the burden of worrying or thinking about where to go next or what I need to do, because I can trust Her completely to guide me where I need to go and all I need to do is obey. Very powerful session.

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