Gypsy Pendant




Have you ever be cum aroused upon seeing a beautiful pendant swaying back and forth between a Woman’s breasts as she moves My darling?  Hmmm, imagine my slave a glistening gold emerald pendant between my beautiful succulent breasts. The thought of such a sight would likely make your little thingy hard and aroused and maybe even begin to leak a little if you were subject to such a vision too long. hehehehe

In Gypsy Pendant (30+ minutes), we explore how deeply you will fall under my enslavement curse My subject. Know that I toy with your yearnings and submission for my pleasure. Don’t worry, little slave boy; we won’t push any limits in this file; the intent is only to enslave your little head. Ultimately turning you into the sex-slaved puppet, you have always desired to be cum. Accept it, and give in to your desire to be my obediently toy  as I tighten my control over your arousal.

Shhh….there is nothing to say as my pleasure doesn’t arise from anything you might say. The only use for your lips moving is between my beautiful thighs. So obey your Lady and give in to your destiny as my helpless, mindless servant. Get on your knees NOW and acquire Gypsy Pendant.