My Chamber – Room Two – Tantalizing Tease




Tantalizing Tease Description (62 Minutes):

My HORNY boy toy, it’s time to return to My Fantasy Chamber. This is room TWO in the series in which W/we will explore just how much of a “man” you are. W/we continue your conditioning and education with EXCITING erotic adventure. I know how much you NEED to explore your submissive desires at the feet of a powerful sexy Woman. you can’t stop your yearnings and desire to fantasize about being erotically tormented, naked and submissive, on the edge of orgasmic bliss.

In this erotic audio file your Lady will introduce you to Her sexy handmaidens, while testing your stamina, obedience and devotion. How long do you think you could last? Can you endure the full hour plus of My power? Can you withstand My sensual and erotic words as I stroke and edge you to orgasmic bliss? All the while teasing your submissive cravings.

This file is the third session in My Chamber series. I highly recommend you listen to the first file: My Chamber – Introduction and My Chamber – Room 1 – Pleasure Shock.

Only then listen to ‘My Chamber – Room 2-Tantalizing TEASE’, My HORNY submissive toy. Understand this file touches on some very erotic concepts as this will also be one of the most erotic submissive experiences in your life. So get naked, ensure you are alone and start listening, My puppet.