Body Worship




Body Worship (48 minutes):
My darling subject, Cum and experience what it would be like to worship my gorgeous body. Suck my nipples, breasts, lick my feet and while you kiss every inch of my sexy legs, my enslaved subject. Accept the reality that you will forever be enslaved to my delicious body, as your yearning to please, pleasure and serve increases and multiplies.  My helpless HORNY submissive, give in and accept your place as my inferior pleasure toy.
Ensure you are naked, alone, in a safe space with over 48 minutes available before listening to this file My darling servant. On second thought you might want to add a few minutes for cleanup time, just in case (hehehe). This file utilizes advanced hypnotic and subliminal training techniques, which are designed to enslave your little head along with creating a strong addiction and fetish to the female body (specifically mine – hehehe). Hmmm, just the thought of you sucking and teasing my nipples with your tongue makes me wet.
Give in to your NEED, CRAVINGS and DESIRES and be cum my mindless obsessed stroking subject as your Lady takes control. Accept your place on your knees, collared and naked before me and listen to a Body Worship.
Note: Listen at your own risk my subject.