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Do you crave to submit to one of the most powerful and dominant Women you will meet in your life. Do you have yearnings and thirst to submit as Lady Helena torments and teases you to the point of breaking.  My submissive boy, you already know your place as my naked, groveling little inferior animal.

Make your erotic needs and desires c#m to life, by scheduling a private live erotic conditioning session and enjoy the bliss of surrendering  to your dirtiest innermost desires.

My weak pet all you need to do in order to make this a reality is:

  1. Purchase from my store “text chat” or “Live Phone”
  2. Complete the following form below.

Once submitted my office servant or if you are lucky Lady Helena may even reachout to you via email to schedule the session.

Accept and surrender to your urges and longings to please and interact live with your Lady.

Note: Sessions are conducted via yahoo chat or voice and are usually scheduled within 3-5 business days.

Alternatively send me an email at