I am Dominatrix Lady Helena, a POWERFUL lifestyle Domme from North Carolina. I am a fully trained and licensed Erotic Dominant who delights in Deliciously DARK Domination through BDSM and Erotic Trance.

For Me, Mental Erotica starts with reducing your inhibitions and exploring your mind. I will delve deep inside you to find your darkest secrets and desires. I will play with you and allow you to show Me your submissive nature as you Surrender yourself to Me, your Lady Helena. I will control your cock and your orgasms. you WILL serve ME!

I will push your boundaries to show you just how far you will go to please Me. Together, W/we will find your limits. My BDSM specialties are broad and instinctive. I have a passion for bondage, humiliation and punishment.

I WILL become your addiction, your daily obsession, the center of your desire.
I also train submissive men in obedience, orgasm control, guided masturbation, fetish fulfillment… all in service to Me as My submissive. Ask for My questionnaire, your guide to fulfilling your need for My training.

I understand how to reach your very core, your desire to serve, your NEED for submission to a Dominating Mistress such as Myself. you NEED My direct and firm style. I will delve deep into your special kinks and fetishes. I will deepen the intensity of your devotion, bringing you to your knees, eager to please Me and begging ME to take you as My little sub.

I will become your obsession and pleasure. you NEED to serve ME. you WILL learn that your pleasure is intensified when you please ME. you WILL be trained to serve Me well and be rewarded with My permission to stay hard for Me whenever you think of ME throughout your day. you will work to EARN My permission to stroke until you orgasm. you NEED to be controlled by Me and be in MY power. Cum experience your new addiction!

If you are NOT serious and just want to jerk around, GO ELSEWHERE! I take control only of GENUINE submissives.

I want you to keep coming back to explore My website so W/we can find the best path for you to become My prey.

Get familiar with My voice and approach! you will fall into My cadence and learn where I am taking you. Surrender, submit, obey! It’s so simple for My submissive darling subs, isn’t it? you can see that I offer MP3’s, assignments, private text chat and live phone sessions, pictures… you can even buy My worn panties to give you a sense of My smell, taste and touch… I will take control of all your senses.

I will be keeping a Journal that may include a few things about Myself; it will keep you up to date with what I have planned and explain what I expect from My submissives, as well as what new offerings are available. I am in the process of recording more material, and something new should be available at least once every week or two. I will give you an opportunity to contribute to My journal with your thoughts and reactions in the coming months. Based in part on your responses, I may develop new avenues of servitude and submission. I look forward to your participation on My website and your success in earning a pleasing relationship in service and obedience to Me, your Lady Helena.

Lady Helena