Where to Begin the conditioning of your mind & body

My pet you will soon find yourself coming back for more and more, like an addictive drug your submission and addiction to me will grow. Whether you have wanting to experience an occasion erotic femdom experience or desiring to become a true sub to a powerful Dominatix you will find something to satisfy your hunger and needs here.

I train submissive men like yourself in obedience, orgasm control, guided masturbation, fetish fulfillment… all in service to Me.

Know that I will push your boundaries to show you just how far you will go to please Me. Together, W/we will find your limits. My BDSM specialties are broad and instinctive. I have a passion for bondage, humiliation and punishment – for many I become their addiction, their obsession, the center of your worship and desire.

If you are not ready to serve Me as My obedient everyday sub, but seek My time, attention and services, Come to Me, I will fulfill your needs as My submissive. Let’s explore the possibilities.

The essential First Steps

Your path to Hypnotic surrender starts with reducing your inhibitions and exploring your mind. I will delve deep inside you to find your darkest secrets and desires.

My pet, if you desire to fully experience this journey, start by listening to the following files (in this order):

This is the beginning of a very Hot and Erotic Journey, that will leave you ready to experience More of My Control. Listen to My soft, demanding voice and allow My Wishes to be Cum your own. I am the TEMPTRESS that you have been searching for.
Description (42 Minutes): Cum and Let Me inside My sub boy. It's time to tear down some walls and bring yourself closer to your Lady Helena. I Will attempt to bring down your resistance with My playful seduction. We are Only at the beginning of our erotic journey My subject and you Will learn to give Me custody of all of your cares. There is No Need to resist Me.. you know that I have All I need to bring you even closer to your Deepest Desires My darling.... Sample: [audio mp3="http://www.helenashypnochamber.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Breaking-your-Will-Sample.mp3"][/audio]

First Encounter – My introduction file, essential to all those wishing to train under Me. This file is an essential step in clearing all socialisation & conditioning processes which are at odds with the desired outcome- especially for those subjects who wish full submission, feminisation, sissification, etc.

Submissive Credence – This file helps your mind to accept any suggestion(s) made in other files, or in Live One-on-One Conditioning sessions.