Dumbed Down

Dumbed Down


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  • Dumbed Down (55 Minutes):

    My toy, do you know what gets me wet and excited? Don’t strain your
    little brain too much my horny toy. I will give you a hint, it is not
    that little thing between your legs hehehe. As a dominatrix I find
    ultimate pleasure in having complete control and power over my toys.
    The idea of being able to do whatever I desire, while you remain
    helpless. Maybe I would  tease you to brink of insanity, instruct you
    in who’s really in charge or use that cock yours (if it is big enough)
    or tongue for my pleasure.

    So the question is how serious are you about achieving your dream of
    true submission to a powerful FemDomme? What are you willing to do to
    achieve true subspace? Are you willing to sacrifice your intelligence
    and be cum my mindless toy?

    In order to achieve such pleasure, My Dumbed Down file (over 55
    minutes) will implant a trigger deep into your submissive little head
    which given time will ultimately transform you into my submissive
    imbecile toy.  So be careful my toy, this trigger is hard-core which
    will provide me the ultimate control over your submissive mind and
    body.  The more you listen to the file the greater the experience
    leading to the ultimate surreal and the ultimate true subspace

    Can you imagine the fun we might have after this trigger is installed
    in your little head during a live chat or talk? Hehehehe…Even if we
    don’t connect live, I  plan to the trigger in future files in order to
    deepen and expand your enslavement experience. So get naked, find a
    private place and lay back as you accept your new reality as my Dumbed
    Down submissive toy.

    NOTE: To experience the full impact of this session it should be
    listened to daily for at least 21 days.

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    1. :

      If i’m in presence of a beautiful woman i feel dummer than i am. If i’m feeling horny, then i’m even dummer. In this file Lady Helena takes that to extreme. No more independent thinking. Just happy and dum. Eager to obey.

    2. (verified owner):

      Incredibly powerful and erotic file. Being dumbed down to the level of a laughing idiot, unable to speak or understand, but only obey was an incredibly powerful and erotic experience I will crave again and again. I was so tempted to turn off the recording and remain in this state permanently as My lady offered, but could not because of work concerns. I crave to he helplessly and completely dumbed down for My Lady to make me easy to control and manipulate. So much easier to obey and so arousing when She turns me into a low-grade moron.

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