Welcome, My subjects, to a New Year in My world of Seduction and Domination. Pleasure awaits a servant who has learned to crave submission to My control.  I hope you had a

Happy New Year My Darlings

Welcome back, My darling subjects, to My world of Fetish Exploration and Domination. I hope all My servants have been staying healthy and safe during this insane year with the

Darling, I know how much you missed your Lady. It’s been a difficult time and I hope all My servants have been keeping safe. I’m here to bring back that

Welcome back, My subjects. Have you missed Me? I’ve missed you, too. What a terrible time we’ve had this year during this dreadful Pandemic. I hope you are taking good

My darling servant, we come to the end of another exciting year of tease and torture. I know My submissive servants need to submit and have your Dominatrix take control

The male ego

My darling servant, do you get hard thinking about what I would do  with you if you were with me? Hmmm, I wonder how big that useless  little thing between your legs

My 2018 Birthday Thank you my subjects for your sweet messages and thoughtful birthday gifts! My recent birthday was made ever so much more special.  The demonstration of devotion made

My darling slaves, this will not be like My usual blogs or ramblings about how to be a perfect slave. Perhaps you will realize that your Lady Helena actually has

Just a tribute to some of My recruits…. My Boot camp may push a few limits but I Only receive admiration… hehehehe… I adore My slaves, My recruits and My

SUMMERS END The last days of summer are quickly approaching,  the days are becuming shorter and nights longer. However My darling, in some ways I enjoy the longer nights, yet