As I walked along the road one day Kicking up stones along the way, I saw a bird of unusual size Who had a large breast and small, beautiful thighs…

How have you been My little subjects? I’m bringing you some good news. My BIRTHDAY is on the 25th of this month. A very important day for both of us

What are your yearnings and cravings when it cums to your desires around Power exchange? Your Lady knows your addiction and cravings. She knows how you historically have masturbated to

Have you ever thought of locking up all your thoughts in a box… And no you dirty boy I was actually thinking of the thoughts in your actual brain…My silly

My Submissive Garden

As Many of My submissive subjects may not know, I moved recently… Moving in itself is Always very stressful… But I moved into a little beautiful old farm house. Well

Tax Time my Subject

Time to pay the Tax Man (or Lady) My Subject, I arrived home and had to work on taxes for two full days… Do you know how beat up you

Happy Easter

Here is just a quick history lesson on Easter…. I found Very interesting My Darling. Easter is named for a Saxon goddess who was known by the names of Oestre

My idea of Relaxation

Relaxation is Very Personal I have been daydreaming for a while now about what true relaxation feels like. My Subject is it odd that My idea of relaxation may be

What makes your Dominatrix tick? Someone asked Me the other day “Why are you a Domme/Dominatrix?” , “What makes you tick?” and “Why do you enjoy punishing your subjects so

The Wrath of Lady Helena

The Wrath of Lady Helena I was thinking about relationships in general…. All the kinds of relationships, the Vanilla and the ones of all flavors My Obedient slave. The thing